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Vol. 77 No. 2 (2023): Veterinarski Glasnik

The cover image, by Jumake Mitrović et al., is based on the Article
Dacryocystography in rabbits

Published: 2023-12-13

Dacryocystography in rabbits

Marko Jumake Branko Mitrović, Anastasija Todorović, Nikola Tatalović, Aleksandar Janevski, Mirjana Lazarević Macanović


Overview of non-invasive sampling methods used in intensive swine farming

Dimitrije Glisic, Ljubiša Veljović, Bojan Milovanović, Milan Ninković, Jelena Maletić, Branislav Kureljušić, Vesna Milićević


Assessment of biosecurity measures implemented on the broiler farms in the region of Belgrade city

Jelena Maletic, Ljiljana Spalević, Vesna Milićević, Dimitrije Glišić, Branislav Kureljušić, Jasna Kureljušić, Milan Maletić


Serological profile and pleurisy lesions associated with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in pig farms in North Macedonia

Branko Angjelovski, Aleksandar Janevski, Elena Atanaskova Petrov, Clara Marin Orenga, Jovan Bojkovski


Selected hematology ratios in cats with non-septic effusions highly suspected of feline infectious peritonitis

Aleksandar Kopilović, Dragan Gvozdić, Milena Radaković, Kristina Spariosu, Nenad Andrić, Jelena Francuski Andric


Ultrastructural organization of liver hepatocytes of the anglo-nubian goat

Anna Prusakova, Nikolay Zelenevskiy , Aleksey Prusakov, Anatoly Yashin, Vladimir Ponamarev


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