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Vol. 76 No. 2 (2022): Veterinarski Glasnik

The cover image, by Palić and Aksentijević, is based on the Article
Autogenous vaccines in aquaculture: tool to combat resistance of bacteria to antibiotics?

Published: 2022-12-26

Important bacterial diseases and their control in rainbow trout in Serbian aquaculture

Vladimir Radosavljevic, Nemanja Zdravković, Ljubiša Veljović, Oliver Radanović


Chemical contaminants in fish, shellfish and fish products on the Serbian market

Nikolina Novakov, Brankica Kartalović, Željko Mihaljev, Boban Đurić, Jelena Vranešević, Miloš Pelić, Dušan Lazić, Dragana Ljubojević Pelić


Sustainability of shellfish aquaculture in Montenegro - perspectives

Mirjana Dimitrijevic, Ivana Zuber Bogdanovic, Nevena Grkovic, Ksenija Aksentijević, Marko Nikolić, Zorica Pavićević, Dejan Laušević


Cyprinid fish farms in Vojvodina (North Serbia): two decades of changes

Miroslav Urosevic, Jasna Grabic, Igor Ponjiger, Mihael Kendjel, Beata Abramowicz, Maša Ivković


Microbiological characteristics of fish reared in purified wastewater from an abattoir

Miloš Pelić, Ana Gavrilovć, Jurica Jug-Dujaković, Zoran Marinović, Milorad Mirilović, Vesna Đorđević, Nikolina Novakov, Dragana Ljubojević Pelić


MALDI-TOF MS profiling of piscine Acinetobacter species from wastewater-related waters

Natalija Topić Popović, Snježana Kazazić, Rozelindra Čož-Rakovac


Aquaculture in Serbia

Zoran Marković


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