Important bacterial diseases and their control in rainbow trout in Serbian aquaculture

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Vladimir Radosavljevic
Nemanja Zdravković
Ljubiša Veljović
Oliver Radanović


Global freshwater fish production in aquaculture has grown rapidly in recent decades. This constant growth, involving novel forms of intensive aquaculture, has increased global movements of fish and boosted various anthropogenic stresses to aquatic ecosystems, so rainbow trout aquaculture has encountered the emergence and outbreaks of many bacterial diseases. Due to the need to effectively prevent and control disease outbreaks, vaccines have become an important technology in intensive trout aquaculture. In this review, the applications of specific vaccines against important bacterial diseases of rainbow trout in Serbian aquaculture are summarized.


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Radosavljevic, V., Zdravković, N., Veljović, L., & Radanović, O. (2022). Important bacterial diseases and their control in rainbow trout in Serbian aquaculture. Veterinarski Glasnik, 76(2), 103–112.


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