Cutaneous lymphoma in a cow – a case report

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Branislav Ilija Kureljusic
Slobodan Maksimović
Slobodan Vujinović
Božidar Savić
Vesna Milićević
Ljubiša Veljović
Nemanja Jezdimirović
Jadranka Žutić


In this paper a case of two years and six months old Simmental cow, in which there was a suspicion of lumpy skin disease in mid-2017 in Serbia is present. According to the results of the laboratory analysis, the cow was negative for the presence of antibodies against the bovine leukemia virus, showed a negative reaction in tuberculinization and was vaccinated against lumpy skin disease virus. A clinical examination revealed numerous nodules of varied size from a few millimeters to approximately 10 centimeters disseminated dominantly on the skin of the udder and the perineum, some of which were connected and exulcerated. The general condition of the cow was unchanged. After the surgical excision of the skin node, the sample was tested negative for the genome of lumpy skin disease virus. In order to establish the morphology of the skin lesion, a histopathological analysis was performed. Histopathological analysis showed the infiltration of the lamina propria and subcutaneous tissue by numerous mononuclear cells showing cellular atypia. Suspicion on the cutaneous lymphoma was established. Furthermore, the immunohistochemical examination confirmed that the infiltrate contains exclusively CD3 immunopositive cells suggesting T-cell origin nonepitheliotropic lymphoma.


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Kureljusic, B. I., Maksimović, S., Vujinović, S., Savić, B., Milićević, V., Veljović, L., … Žutić, J. (2019). Cutaneous lymphoma in a cow – a case report. Veterinarski Glasnik, 73(1), 50–56.
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