Pasteurlla multocida mastitis in cow

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Dubravka Milanov
Nevenka Aleksić
Dalibor Todorović
Dejan Bugarski


Pasteurella (P.) multocida is a heterogeneous species of Gram-negative bacteria which are common commensals of the upper respiratory system of various mammal and bird species, but are also opportunistic contagious zoonotic pathogens which cause a wide spectre of infections in domestic animals and humans. P. multocida is a rare cause of mastitis in dairy cows. The source of infection mainly remains unknown, mastitis usually is acute, and the therapy by intramammary administration of antibiotics does not lead to satisfactory results. Lethality is possible due to presence of endotoxins in blood. Literature data on P. multocida mastitis in dairy cows is particularly scarce, which is why such a case is described in the current work, with past medical history, clinical findings, laboratory diagnostics and therapeutic approach.


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Milanov, D., Aleksić, N., Todorović, D., & Bugarski, D. (2017). Pasteurlla multocida mastitis in cow. Veterinarski Glasnik, 71(2), 117–122.
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