Immunomodulator-Mycobacterium Cell Wall Fraction as an aid in control of persistent Mycoplasma bovis infection in dairy cows

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Aleksandar Masic
Bojana Prunic
Dejan Bugarski
Tamas Petrovic
Jelena Apic
Tomislav Barna
Aleksandar Milovanovic


Mycoplasma bovis is pathogen known to cause respiratory disease, otitis media, arthritis and a variety of additional diseases in cattle. Infections caused by this pathogen have significant impact on the health, welfare and productivity of dairy and beef cattle resulting in substantial economic losses. Current preventive and treatment strategies rely on the use of antimicrobials and vaccines; however, their efficacy is limited due to difficult diagnosis and inconsistent disease expression. Here, we report results on the use of Mycobacterium cell wall fraction (MCWF), an immunomodulator, in dairy cows persistently infected with M. bovis during the period 2011-2015. Application of MCWF aided in reducing M. bovis-associated clinical signs, such as pneumonia, arthritis and mastitis, and improving overall reproductive performance and days in lactation of infected dairy cows. These results were compared to historical information on the health status and farm performance for period 2011-2015, and suggest that MCWF immunomodulator could be introduced as an aid in treatment protocols for persistent infections with M. bovis in dairy cows.


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Masic, A., Prunic, B., Bugarski, D., Petrovic, T., Apic, J., Barna, T., & Milovanovic, A. (2017). Immunomodulator-Mycobacterium Cell Wall Fraction as an aid in control of persistent Mycoplasma bovis infection in dairy cows. Veterinarski Glasnik, 71(1), 58-68.
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