Focal pruritus and alopecia in lumbar area in guinea pigs

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Miloš Vučičević
Milan Dosenovic
Marko Mitrovic
Nikola Simovic
Natalija Milcic-Matic
Milan Anicic


Four adult male guinea pigs came in with symptoms of severe pruritus on the dorsal rump. Physical examination revealed painful reaction on palpation and local oedema and erythema. Parasitological examination came up negative. Subsequent radiography showed muscle calcifications in the coxofemoral region. These findings made us suspect metastatic calcification. Animals were treated with meloxicam 0,5 mg/kg, after which they showed significant improvement. After one patient died, necropsy revealed calcificatines in muscles, heart and kidneys.


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Vučičević, M., Dosenovic, M., Mitrovic, M., Simovic, N., Milcic-Matic, N., & Anicic, M. (2021). Focal pruritus and alopecia in lumbar area in guinea pigs. Veterinarski Glasnik, 75(1), 92-98.
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