Hypersensitivity in a dog accompanied by generalised onychodystrophy

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Tina Kotnik


Canine food hypersensitivity and canine atopic dermatitis are two of the most common allergic diseases in dogs. Food hypersensitivity is typically non-seasonal reaction of types I, III and IV, directed most commonly against glycoproteins in the foods. Canine atopic dermatitis is a genetically predisposed inflammatory and pruritic allergic skin disease with characteristic clinical features associated with IgE most commonly directed against environmental allergens. Irrespective of allergens that dogs are sensitised to, clinical symptoms in acute cases involve pruritus with erythema of the skin around lips, axillae, inguinal and perianal region or feet as well as external ear canal inflammation. In chronic cases, consequences of self-trauma and secondary bacterial or fungal infections may be present as excoriations, lichenification and hyperpigmentation. Hypersensitivity can have a strong impact on quality of life of diseased dogs as well as of their owners. A mixed breed female dog with heavily expressed generalised onychodystrophy accompanied by mild erythema of the groin and external ear canals, which responded to elimination diet and allergen-specific immunotherapy, is presented.

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