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Vol 72 No 1 (2018): Veterinarski glasnik

The cover image, by Jevtić P. and Levy D., is based on the Article Elucidating nuclear size control in the Xenopus model system, doi:

The cover image, by JEVTIĆ P. and LEVY D., is based on the Article Elucidating nuclear size control in the Xenopus model system, doi:

Published: 2018-05-28

Aflatoxins in feed

Dragoljub Jovanović, Radmila Marković, Stamen Radulović, Svetlana Grdovic, Milena Krstić, Dragan Šefer


Equine acquired inguinal herniation – diagnosis and treatment in 62 cases

Milomir Kovač, Ruslan Aliev, Tatjana Ippolitova, Zoran Tambur


Effects of short-term fasting on lipid and lipoprotein concentrationes in healthy lean dogs

Ana Dedać Delkić, Zorana Milanović, Anja Ilić Božović, Anita Radovanović, Milica Kovačević Filipović


Malignant mast cell tumor within a benign lipoma in a toy poodle

Ivana Vučićević, Darko Marinković, Vladimir Kukolj, Slađan Nešić, Milan Aničić, Sanja Aleksić Kovačević


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